Nutrition Concepts


Comparisons and compromises are part of the pet food purchase process. An informed understanding of the relationship between price, quality and palatability helps the pet owner determine the feeding protocol that meets their compromises.

NRG Pet Products

NRG  the Dehydrated Benchmark
Whole food diets with grain based carbohydrates contain between 48% and 55% moisture when freshly made before dehydrating. NRG re hydrating guidelines return our dehydrated diets to their fresh made status. There are now copy cat dehydrated foods on the market that claim their products rehydrate to 3 or 4 times the weight of the dried product. This practise is deceiving as re hydrating 10 lbs of food into 30 lbs of wet food means you have diluted the calories and must now feed more food as each cup you measure contains more water.

It is not how much water you add back hoping to make more food , it is how much water you mix with the dehydrated food to return it to its original fresh state,. Since NRG is the only company mixing fresh products together and then drying them, we are the only company accurately portraying the amounts of food once refreshed.

NRG and Kibble
Despite the marketing surrounding super premium kibbles, they are not whole food products and you should resist comparing NRG diets with kibble.

The only thing NRG products have in common with kibble is convenience.

NRG is made of whole food ingredients that are gently dehydrated and do not require nor contain a vitamin premix. All kibbles must be fortified with a vitamin and mineral premix to be nutritionally complete.

To ensure an accurate caloric comparison , NRG Vital II contains 500 K Calories to the cup , 5 cups to the lb and is 93% digestible. Most kibbles contain an average of 350 K Calories to the cup and are 75% digestible. Therefore one cup of VITAL II is caloricly equal to 1.5 to 2 cups of kibble depending on the brand.

NRG and Frozen Diets
NRG ingredients are of similar quality to those used by premium frozen pet food manufacturers. A quality and cost comparison between high quality meat based frozen diets and NRG is appropriate as NRG is fresh food with the water removed. 12.5 lbs of NRG VITAL II is caloricly equivalent to 30 lbs of frozen pet food. 1KG (2.25Lbs) of NRG MAXIM is caloricly equivalent to 10 lbs of frozen food.