NRG Challenge


Take the food you are feeding now and find the ingredient panel.  Make sure the food is Balanced For All Life Stages. Start to read the list of ingredients and stop when you come to an ingredient that you cannot buy in the supermarket. You will not find a dog food anywhere in the world that is Balanced For All Life Stages that you can recognize every single ingredient as a food for humans, NOT ONE, EXCEPT FOR NRG.

NRG Pet Products

All the kibbles manufactured have meat meals listed as one of the first 3 – 4 ingredients and they all are balanced by adding a inorganic vitamin premix because the primary ingredients are missing vital nutrients. All frozen foods require a supplement vitamin premix to be balanced because the list of ingredients usually avoids certain food groups.

Other dehydrated diets available all contain inorganic vitamin premixes, either because their manufacturing methods have destroyed vitamins and minerals so they must be supplemented back, or they are simply missing from the whole food ingredients selected.

We now know in human medicine that supplementation of minerals, vitamins or essential fatty acids is no substitute for eating whole foods that contain essential nutrients.

Just as white bread fortified with essential vitamins and minerals is not a healthy alternative to whole wheat bread, pet food that must be fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to be balanced is not the healthiest choice.


We are told all these new fangled diets are best for your pets health and we believe what we are told, even when our logic prompts us to question these claims. Advertisements tell us these diets are recommended by veterinarians and top dog breeders, some are even formulated by veterinarians.

To add insult to injury we are told home cooked diets similar to what we feed the rest of our family are severely deficient and not balanced in nutrients and will cause deficiencies.  Wait a minute, is this not what we are feeding our growing children????  How many ingredients on a bag of commercial pet food would you find in the produce section of the super market or farmers market? When these ingredients are used in food for human consumption they can be found in the “junk food ” section of the supermarket.

A list of vitamins and minerals is an indication that the primary formulation needed extensive supplementation or that these nutrients were lost during the processing of the by-products or during the production of the diet. Ask yourself, if these nutrients were still present and active in the primary ingredients and if this is the great food, made from such high quality ingredients as the fancy packaging says, then why is it necessary to the supplements in the first place?

NRG approaches diet formulation using whole food ingredients with minimal processing so supplementing with inorganic vitamins and minerals with questionable digestibility and bioavailibilty will not be required .