Life Stage Nutrition

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Are you confused by the designer formulas available for all the different stages of your dogs life? Do you ever wonder if nutrition has to be so complicated.? Look at the labels of the different life stage diets.


NRG Pet Products

What do you see?
VERY slight differences in the guaranteed minimums or protein and fat. 16 % fat or 18% fat is really not a difference at all. The same holds true for protein. These slight differences are meant to fortify the marketing change on the package.

If nutrition was this complicated we would all be lost when we shopped for food for the rest of the family.

IT DOES NOT MATTER how old your dog is, what matters is how IT DOES NOT MATTER how old your dog is, What matters is how many calories she requires to get through the day. A young growing dog needs more, a pregnant or nursing mom needs more. The active dog needs more, the older canine needs less, the inactive canine needs less. What they all have in common is these calories, however few or many they may need, they need to be balanced. The balance of the equation never changes, the volume does.

Look at your family table. Your growing kids eat more of the same food you eat and your aging parents eat less of the same food as you do. The nutrition at your family table is the same for everyone, the amount they eat is not.

At NRG we balance the diet to the needs of the canine and you simply vary the amount of food to suit your individual dog and his life style and stage.