Grain Debate

Grain vs. No Grain

The controversy divides many who simply want the best for their dog.

Nrg’s research supports the value of both feeding protocols and finds evidence that balanced whole food diets, with or without grain are the key to good health in the canine.

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Dogs by definition are opportunistic omnivores. Which means, they will eat what they can, when they can to survive. Raw diet proponents use the modern canines link to the wolf as a basis for feeding a raw primary using raw meat and fat as an energy source. While the issue of raw food is very emotional for some, an open mind may lead to nutritional discoveries that work for you and your pet.

Thailand’s’ dingo dog has been the domesticated companion of man for eons. When early Australian settlers took their companions from Thailand with them to the new world some escaped and became what to day is known as the wild dingo dog of Australia.

The Thailand dingos are domesticated village dogs that roam freely with chickens and pigs, yet thrive on a diet that is 80% rice and bananas. Their Australian descendants roam the outback and eat a diet of 80% raw meat. This is an excellent example that opportunity is often the key factor in diet choices.

And, since its’ supposed to be about the dogs, approach diet with an open mind and do not get emotionally tied to any feeding protocol simply because some one argues that dogs are related to wolves and should eat as their ancestors did. One can make a valid argument that their heritage rather ancestry leads one to a different conclusion.

NRG has done extensive blood testing to monitor glucose levels of canines fed diets formulated with different energy sources. Canines fed NRG Canine Blend with naked oats as one of the energy sources, had a glucose curve that was more desirable (consistent and maintained) than a canine fed a diet with fat used a primary energy source (most frozen all meat diets use fat as the primary energy source). These findings formed the basis for the 10 years of research that have been dedicated to the development of NRG foundation VITAL II blend. Blood glucose curves of dogs fed diets manufactured from processed grain were not as consistent or maintained as the results from diets containing whole grains.

Over the years we have evaluated the effects diet had on individual dogs and that is why we make grain based, vegetable based and meat based diets. Your dog is an individual, you might buy the food, but he has to eat it.

Keep an open mind and remember the concept is simple, WHOLE FOOD IS THE BEST FOOD. If you choose a grain based or grainless diet, all NRG diets are made with 100% edible ingredients with all the natural vitamins and minerals intact and are balanced for All Life Stages with no supplements.

… A claim no other pet food company can make…