Diet Selections

NRG offers three different feeding protocols.

They are all balanced for All Life Stages

As you explore the diet selections NRG offers, remember they are all balanced for All Life Stages, all contain only edible free range muscle meat and table quality fruits and vegetables grown in North America. We do not cheap out and use potato to lower our costs.

NRG Pet Products

We urge you to experiment and try different selections as the months go by. Offer some food from your own dinner plate once a week and make mealtime both fun and healthy. For a common sense discussion on omitting grain from your dogs diet please read the GRAIN DEBATE.

Variety Is the Spice Of Life

NRG believes all dogs are individuals, just like their caregivers. While some dogs think the perfect day revolves around napping on the couch , others just cannot get enough of chasing their favorite ball. Age, activity and lifestyle all play a role in metabolism. Individual taste, and diet boredom can make a pet caregiver desperate during the search for a wholesome diet that tastes good and is readily excepted by their best friend. We encourage you to offer different protein choices of NRG as time goes by.

Monitor Your Best Friends Body Condition

To ensure you are maximizing the benefits available to your pet. As a complete diet NRG is the premium diet for ALL LIFE STAGES. NRG diets are all formulated to meet AAFCO standards for ALL LIFE STAGES. While pet owners will decide how much NRG to include in their pets’ diet, there are some guidelines to ensure you are maximizing the benefits available to your pet. Activity, age and environment ultimately govern the amount of food you feed your dog.

Real Food …. Real Results

NRG diets are formulated with ingredient driven nutrition. NRG Pet Products exclusive Nutrition Lock technology ensures our diets retain all the vitamins and minerals present in the whole food ingredients and remain fresh without preservatives.

NRG diets do not need to be fortified with manufactured vitamin or mineral premixes to be complete.

The complete line of NRG diets for canines were formulated, researched and trialed with veterinary supervision. NRG diets are excellent as palatability enhancers, are a convenient alternative to frozen diets, are made with only table grade ingredients, feature raw and cooked protein choices, are available in grain based and grain free choices and are all balanced for All Life Stages.